Double Diploma

British Double Diploma Programme for Overseas Schools

  • Homeschooling has proven to be one of the most popular systems of secondary and high school education in the UK and USA, and in more recent years it has become a popular form of education across the world.

    Homeschooling appears to be the education system of the future. With the support of professional branch teachers and educational advisors, students are helped to channel their energy, creativity and imagination into different fields and to become lifelong learners.

    In addition, our students have the advantage of earning diplomas which are valid in the UK, the USA and many other European countries.

    Why UK Highschool (Homeschooling)?

    • UK Highschool Diploma will be awarded at the end of grade 8 and grade 12.
    • UK Highschool students have the advantage of being able to apply for admission to high schools or to universities in the UK, USA and many other European countries without having to sit an exam following the completion of secondary or high school education.
    • The flexible approach of this system means that it is easy to apply and complete, and the achievement tests performed throughout the year provide regular feedback on student progress.
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