How do We Accredit an Educational Institution?

  • How do We Accredit an Educational Institution?

    We approach the Accreditation process as a collaborative learning experience. We would like your institution to benefit from the advantages of UK Accreditation status, but we also have a duty to ensure that your institution can deliver our programmes professionally and confidently.

    We therefore take the accreditation process seriously. However, we also recognise that each institution is different and will have its own unique national and cultural context. In this regard, we aim to be flexible and sensitive to your organisation’s unique profile.

    The accreditation process would normally involve an on-site inspection by UK Accreditation assessors. However, we recognise the difficulties that the global pandemic has raised, and we have therefore adapted our assessment procedure to accommodate remote accreditation. On-site inspections are still possible, but we prefer to arrange these visits when the remote assessment is underway or complete.

    We will assess and evaluate your institution and we will assist and guide you throughout the entire process. Together with your organisation, we will produce a comprehensive portfolio of evidence that reflects your operations, management structure, quality assurances, facilities, and personnel. The objective of the assessment is to ensure that your institution is ready to deliver our programmes.

    At the end of the information gathering process, our UK Accreditation Board will examine all the information and evidence. We will consider the application in its entirety and produce feedback using a SWOT analysis. This method of analysis considers the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats relevant to your organisation. This method has proved to be beneficial to organisations because it is holistic, thorough, and flexible. We will provide feedback to your organisation based on this report.

    After evaluation, the UK Accreditation Board will either successfully accredit your institution or make recommendations for improvements and amendments. We will set a mutually agreed time frame for completion when the accreditation assessment can resume.

    Accredited Institutions will receive a UK Accreditation wall panel and a flag. Accreditation is valid for 3 years and is subject to compliance with the terms and conditions set out in the initial agreement.

    The Accreditation process, including guidance notes is illustrated HERE?

    The panel and the flag will be sent to accredited institutions by UK Accreditation